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Life Insurance Nuisance

it’s better to stare at the cloud!

Last Thursday, I called Zuraidah of Tahan Insurance company to claim my insurance bonus after 3 years maturity. I gave her information about the insurance policies and she promised to handle my case and I would get my payment on the 7th Feb (Wed).
So, on Wednesday, I called Diana (Zuraidah’s colleague) asking about the status of the cheques. She said the cheques would be ready after 2pm. I rode one hour on my motorbike to their office at Menara MRCB, Shah Alam. Arriving there at 3.05pm, she said the cheques needed just one more signature and what upset me more was that there were only 2 cheques available instead of 4 cheques! She promised to prepare and bank-in the remaining cheques by Thursday (yesterday). After ‘half an hour’ wasting my time in that office, I took the 2 cheques and left. Arrived at my office at 4.30pm. Total wasting of time due to this stupidity: 2hours 30 minutes.
This Friday afternoon (just now), I called Zuraidah again and asked about the cheques. She said the cheques were ready but there was no ‘despatch boy’ to bank-in them! Damn… I am getting tired of this nonsense already…


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